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Did you know that you have the power to choose the energy provider for your business?

How to Shop for Energy

Natural Gas Solutions


For natural gas, choose Vanguard as your energy provider in your utility’s choice program. We provide natural gas at a low price, while the utility continues to deliver the natural gas, read meters, and respond to any emergency situations.

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Electricity Solutions


Our products help simplify the electricity market to give you more control over your energy budget. Regardless of your budget or risk tolerance, Vanguard has an electricity solution for you.

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Weekly Energy Market Updates

Vanguard Energy Services sends out weekly energy market updates to help you stay current with market movements and the impacts that these events may have on your business. You can access some of the archived market updates below and sign up to receive the weekly market updates.

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Customized Solutions For Your Unique Business

Minimizing your energy cost is our priority, and we pride ourselves on helping you choose just the right product to help you achieve your specific energy budget goals.

For large commercial and industrial businesses, we offer a wide variety of:

  • Standard natural gas products
  • Managed portfolio premium natural gas products
  • Electricity products

“I recommend Vanguard Energy Services. They will help you save money.”

“Vanguard has helped me improve our operations, even in operational areas where we can’t do business with them. They are very willing to help you think through and work through issues to improve your energy understanding. Even if some of your data is estimated, they can help solve your energy challenges”

Josh Voss

Manager, Quality Sand Products, LLC

Vanguard’s energy experts will:

  • Listen closely to learn about your business
  • Answer all your energy questions
  • Help you choose the energy products that are uniquely best for you
  • Be proactive in helping you meet your energy cost control goals

If an energy utility is supplying your natural gas or electricity, you are probably overpaying. If a retail provider is your energy supplier, you may also be overpaying. Vanguard Energy Services would like to be your natural gas and electricity provider, and we’re confident that we can minimize your costs while delivering the best customer service available.

Powering Your Business™

Reduce Your Energy Pricing Risk ‣

Reduce or eliminate your pricing risk for natural gas and electricity.

Innovative Commercial and Industrial Solutions ‣

If you spend over $1,500 on energy each month, Vanguard has the energy solution for you.

Expertise & Services You Won’t Find Anywhere Else ‣

We pride ourselves on delivering services you won’t find anywhere else.

Why Choose Vanguard

Vanguard Energy Services is a new breed of energy provider, setting a new standard of energy expertise and service excellence to which others aspire.

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