Executive Leadership

Vanguard’s executive leadership team is comprised of senior frontline executives with decades of experience in all aspects of the energy business.

They have mastered every functional area of the industry and have worked for a broad range of energy companies including: utilities, wholesale energy services, retail energy marketers, and entrepreneurial startups. The leadership team founded Vanguard because they shared a vision for a smarter, more nimble, more customer-centric energy company. With Vanguard, they are setting a new industry standard for energy risk management and customer service.

Strong strategic industry relationships combined with the complementary skills of the leadership team members provide a critical competitive advantage for Vanguard customers. Vanguard’s executive leadership team prides itself on energy expertise and accessibility to customers. They are hands-on energy practitioners every day, delivering innovative solutions to every customer energy challenge.

“The Vanguard managing partners are very helpful.”

“They have visited our facility in person, and are always accessible and attentive.”

Lori Glenn

Diocesan Accountant, Catholic Diocese of Rockford

A Quality Team With Quality Service

If you use natural gas or electricity for your commercial, industrial, or small business, our executive leadership team would like to meet you.

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