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Electricity Products – Commercial and Industrial Businesses

At Vanguard, our goal is to protect your interests and to help you meet your business objectives. So our electricity products are convenient, straight-forward, and user-friendly. And they all come with Vanguard’s exceptional customer service and energy expertise.

Vanguard provides a range of electricity products structured to: 

  • Meet your unique business needs
  • Help you optimize your energy budget
  • Help you manage your energy pricing risk

Vanguard’s electricity products and services are tailored to capture the benefits of deregulation and protect you from unexpected price increases. Through our diversified electricity supply portfolio, we can also ensure the best available pricing. 

Vanguard’s electricity products include:




Fixed Price
Fixed Quantity
Predefined quantity of electricity supplied at a fixed price.
Fixed Price
Matched Quantity
Electricity supplied at a fixed price. Quantity of fixed price electricity matched to actual consumption. √ 
Fixed Price
Electricity, capacity, transmission, ancillary, and line loss charges bundled into a single fixed price.
Variable Price Monthly Electricity supplied at a variable price tied to a published index that changes each month.
Guaranteed Savings Guaranteed savings expressed as a percentage of the applicable utility rate.


Electricity Products For Your Unique Energy Budget

With Vanguard’s electricity products, you control your business’s critical electricity budget cost factors, including:

  • Price
  • Price fluctuation or stability
  • Purchasing strategy
  • Risk tolerance
  • Length of product contract
  • Flexibility to convert to an alternate product
  • Flexibility to extend a product’s contract term

Vanguard’s fixed price product benefits include:

  • Price stability
  • Protection from price increases
  • Complete control over your electricity budget

Vanguard’s index price product benefits include: 

  • Pricing derived from energy market competition
  • Tracking prevailing market conditions at any given point in time
  • Pricing flexibility
  • The ability to switch to other product offerings at any time

Vanguard’s guaranteed savings product benefits include: 

  • Pricing derived from energy market competition
  • Guaranteed savings vs. the applicable utility rate
  • Greater control over your electricity budget 

Vanguard’s electricity products help simplify the electricity market to give you more control over your energy budget. Regardless of your budget or risk tolerance, Vanguard has an electricity solution for you.

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