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Natural Gas Premium Products: Managed Portfolios – Commercial and Industrial Businesses

Having a Vanguard premium natural gas managed portfolio product is like having a full-time staff of energy experts, risk managers, and commodity traders continually optimizing your energy investment and delivery, reducing or eliminating your risk, and managing your costs.

Vanguard’s premium managed portfolios are fluid, dynamic products that were created by – and are consistently monitored by – Vanguard experts. From our diligence and vigilant expertise, Vanguard’s managed portfolios consistently outperform standard market indices.

Vanguard’s premium managed portfolio natural gas products include:





Vanguard Managed Price Stability  Long-term volatility mitigation. Low 
Vanguard Composite Index Balance  Offer the optimum balance possible between market performance and long-term volatility mitigation. Medium
Vanguard Market Index Performance  Track and outperform published monthly indices. High
Vanguard Utility Index Value  Track and outperform monthly utility pricing. High
Vanguard Spot Index Flexibility  Track the daily spot market. Very High


A Managed Portfolio To Fit Your Corporate Strategy and Goals

At Vanguard, our goal is to protect your interests and to help you meet your business objectives. Each Vanguard managed portfolio was created with a specific purchasing strategy. Whatever your desired risk or timeframe, Vanguard has a natural gas managed portfolio product for you. 

Vanguard premium managed portfolios can be mixed and matched in unlimited combinations and ratios to precisely fit your unique energy goals and budget. And like our standard natural gas products, all managed portfolio products come with Vanguard’s exceptional customer service.

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