Energy Solutions For All

At Vanguard Energy Services, we offer a wide range of energy products to help you manage your energy budget and reduce or eliminate your energy pricing risk. No matter what size your business is, how many locations you have, or what your energy challenge is, Vanguard has the natural gas and electricity cost control solution for you.

Our products range from standard, turnkey product offerings to premium, customized managed portfolios. In addition to our proprietary portfolio products, we offer fixed price, variable price, and guaranteed savings energy products.


Whether you run a large commercial business or a single location industrial business, Vanguard has the energy solution for you.

We pride ourselves on delivering services you won’t find anywhere else, including:

  • Reliability, flexibility, and the best available pricing
  • Direct purchase of energy to reduce your costs and eliminate middlemen
  • Flexible invoicing that aligns with your needs

Energy Solutions for Your Business

  • Expert, vigilant in-house market analysis, portfolio management, and risk management
  • Direct access to our highly engaged, highly experienced managing partners
  • Dedicated single point of contact and exceptional customer service from our responsive service consultants
  • Real time market execution, storage optimization, and firm deliveries
  • Accurate, customizable, and flexible billing including available multi-facility billing
  • Global resources and a diverse portfolio of multiple-source energy suppliers
  • An extensive network of long-term strategic partners, producers, and wholesale traders

“In addition to good pricing, Vanguard’s service is exceptional. Vanguard treats me like I’m their only customer. Joe Cooper has been my sales rep from day one. He is excellent and handles my account personally. There is no gatekeeper and I like the long term relationship.”

Jack Moody

CFM, Director, Facilities Management, McLean County Government

Vanguard Energy Services Products and Pricing Options

Products Description Natural Gas Electricity
Fixed Price
Fixed Quantity
Predefined quantity of energy supplied at a fixed price.
Fixed Price
Matched Quantity
Energy supplied at a fixed price. Quantity of fixed price energy matched to actual consumption.
Fixed Price
Energy, capacity, transmission, ancillary, and line loss charges bundled into a single fixed price.
Fixed Basis Energy supplied at a fixed basis plus NYMEX settlement for the applicable delivery period.
Variable Price
Energy supplied at a variable price tied to a published index that changes each month.
Variable Price
Energy supplied at a variable price tied to a published index that changes each day.
Price based upon performance of one or more of Vanguard’s proprietary managed energy portfolios.
Guaranteed savings expressed as a percentage of the applicable utility rate.


For natural gas, choose Vanguard as your energy provider in your utility’s choice program. We provide natural gas at a low price, while the utility continues to deliver the natural gas, read meters, and respond to any emergency situations.

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Our products help simplify the electricity market to give you more control over your energy budget. Regardless of your budget or risk tolerance, Vanguard has an electricity solution for you.

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Check “Optimize Energy Budget” Off Your To-Do List

Vanguard’s experts can solve your energy challenges economically, so you can focus on your other critical business priorities. We welcome the opportunity to create your new energy saving solutions.

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