McLean County Government

Vanguard Helps McLean County Government Save $72,000 on Natural Gas in a Single Year

The Challenge

McLean County, the largest geographical county in Illinois, wanted to save money on the natural gas it purchases for its numerous county buildings. The number of these buildings has doubled since 1990 and includes the court house, sheriff’s department, 911 center, health department, and nursing centers, among others.

The Solution

McLean County engaged with Vanguard for the purchase of its natural gas.

The Results

McLean County saves thousands of dollars annually through its partnership with Vanguard. One year McLean County saved $72,000 on natural gas. Savings average from 7% to 12% per year vs. the utility.

Vanguard treats me like I’m their only customer.

“We work on a bid system for everything. Since the mid-1990s Vanguard has won the natural gas bid with the best price and the best contract. During this time Vanguard has made my job easier because I don’t have to worry about energy every day.

In addition to good pricing, Vanguard’s service is exceptional. They recommend mechanical, systemic initiatives to reduce consumption. With all the buildings that we have, reducing consumption saves us a lot of money. One investment in reduced consumption that Vanguard recommended paid for itself the first year. Combining the better rate with the reduced consumption improves our savings significantly. Every year we blow the industry benchmark data out of the water because our costs are so much lower.

And Vanguard treats me like I’m their only customer. Joe Cooper has been my sales rep from day one. He is excellent and handles my account personally. There is no gatekeeper and I like the long term relationship.

From a detail perspective, Vanguard provides timely and accurate reports and billing. There are no surprises and no bad contractual fine print regarding additional fees or pass-through costs. I know what to expect with Vanguard and they deliver.

I know a lot about energy, but partnering with Vanguard has made me smarter. And I continue to learn from them. Vanguard is such a good company. I would recommend them in a heartbeat. It is a no-brainer to partner with Vanguard, and I hope they continue to win the bid for our natural gas business for many years to come.”

Jack Moody

CFM, Director, Facilities Management, McLean County Government

Why Choose Vanguard

Through unparalleled attention to detail, cost effective solutions, and customer service, Vanguard Energy is committed to setting a standard of excellence to which others aspire.

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