Quality Sand Products, LLC

Vanguard Helps Quality Sand Products, LLC Save 35% on Natural Gas the First Year

The Challenge

Quality Sand Products, a sand processor and provider to the oil and gas industries, wanted to learn how to efficiently purchase large quantities of natural gas for both the short term and the long term. They also wanted to control their natural gas pricing and save money.

The Solution

Vanguard helped the managers at Quality Sand Products learn and understand the energy market, solve energy-related business problems, source large amounts of natural gas, and lower their energy costs.

The Results

Through their first year of partnership with Vanguard, Quality Sand Products has saved an estimated 35% on natural gas vs. a utility provider.

Our Partnership with Vanguard helps us save money and improve operations

“Vanguard was recommended to us by another material producer. We have learned a lot from Vanguard, and we continue to save money, improve operations, and get even smarter from our partnership with them.

Vanguard has helped me improve our operations, even in operational areas where we can’t do business with them. They are very willing to help you think through and work through issues to improve your energy understanding. Even if some of your data is estimated, they can help solve your energy challenges. The managing partners and the staff are all accessible. Scott Pellock, who is a managing partner, has been to our facilities. The team at Vanguard has a great deal of expertise and is very good at explaining how you can accomplish your energy goals.

I recommend Vanguard Energy Services. They will help you save money.”

Josh Voss

Manager, Quality Sand Products, LLC

Why Choose Vanguard

Through unparalleled attention to detail, cost effective solutions, and customer service, Vanguard Energy is committed to setting a standard of excellence to which others aspire.

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