Titan Tire of Freeport

Vanguard Helps Titan Tire of Freeport Save $50,000 Annually on Natural Gas

The Challenge

Titan Tire of Freeport, an international manufacturer of tires for agriculture, construction, forestry, and mining, wanted improved service and pricing for its natural gas purchases. Titan stores its own gas, watches the market closely, and purchases when prices drop. Because the market moves quickly, the gas purchases must be executed quickly and accurately.

The Solution

Titan engaged with Vanguard for the purchase of natural gas.

The Results

With Vanguard, Titan is saving $50,000 annually and receiving exceptional customer service and reporting. Vanguard’s service prices are approximately one third of those of Titan’s previous provider.

Everyone wins on price and I get more flexibility

“I was unhappy with my previous natural gas provider and Vanguard was on Nicor’s recommended list. Vanguard’s response time for gas purchases is excellent. They purchase in a large pool, which gives them more purchasing power than other providers and benefits all their customers. I can only store so much natural gas, but with Vanguard I can purchase more than I can store when the price is right. Everyone wins on price and I get more flexibility.

Prior to signing with Vanguard I wanted to meet Vicki Fox, the person who actually does Vanguard’s buying. So Vicki and others from Vanguard came to our facilities, and I was impressed. Before signing, I mentioned a report that I absolutely must have for our accountant within three days of the end of each month. Vanguard promised the report and I signed with them. Every month I get that report on time or early from Russ Gewin, my sales rep. Russ is outstanding. He makes personal visits and is very attentive and customer-service oriented. I look forward to continuing the relationship with Russ and Vanguard.

I’ve been with Vanguard since 2010 and recommend them highly to any company that wants excellent service, flexibility, good pricing, and substantial natural gas purchasing power.”

Greg Hakala

Divisional Controller, Titan Tire of Freeport

Why Choose Vanguard

Through unparalleled attention to detail, cost effective solutions, and customer service, Vanguard Energy is committed to setting a standard of excellence to which others aspire.

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