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Small Business Solutions

If you spend less than $500 per month on natural gas and under $1,000 each month on electricity, Vanguard Energy Services can help you reduce or eliminate your energy pricing risk and optimize your energy budget.

Every day, small businesses trust Vanguard to meet their energy needs and take the financial worry out of the unpredictable energy market. With Vanguard on your side, you can turn your attention to other critical aspects of your business. 

At Vanguard, minimizing your energy cost is our priority, so we offer a variety of product choices to help you achieve your specific energy budget goals.

Natural Gas and Electricity Product Options

For natural gas, we recommend that small businesses choose Vanguard as the energy provider in your utility’s choice program:

While not recommended, small businesses may also choose from the ten natural gas products that Vanguard offers to commercial and industrial businesses.

For electricity, small businesses can choose from three different Vanguard products: 

  • Fixed Price
  • Variable Price
  • Guaranteed Savings

Expertise and Customer Service Always Come Standard

All of Vanguard’s energy products include our exceptional energy expertise and comprehensive customer service. Regardless of the products you choose for your small business, we will be with you every step of the way to:

  • Listen closely to learn about your business
  • Answer all your energy questions
  • Help you choose the energy products that are uniquely best for you 

We look forward to helping you meet your energy cost control goals.

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