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Natural Gas – Commercial and Industrial Businesses

Vanguard provides a wide range of natural gas products, both standard and premium, to help you optimize your energy budget and manage your energy pricing risk.

With Vanguard’s full complement of natural gas products, you control your business’s natural gas cost factors, including: 

  • Price
  • Price fluctuation or stability
  • Purchasing strategy
  • Risk tolerance
  • Length of product contract
  • Flexibility to mix and match managed portfolios in unlimited combinations and ratios
  • Flexibility to convert to an alternate product
  • Flexibility to extend a product’s contract term

A Complete Line of Standard and Premium Products, with Optimal Flexibility

Vanguard’s standard natural gas products include fixed price and variable price.

Vanguard’s premium products include a proprietary line of managed portfolios that: 

  • Cover a full range of energy product options
  • Can be mixed and matched to fit your unique energy goals and objectives

At Vanguard, we know that flexibility is critical to our customers – so we’ve made it one of our strongest competitive advantages. We flex to the greatest extent that we can, so you can keep your competitive advantages, too.

No matter which Vanguard natural gas product you choose, our experts are with you every step of the way, with up-to-the-minute market data, analysis, guidance, and recommendations so you can make your best energy decisions.

Regardless of your budget, energy strategy, or risk tolerance, Vanguard has a natural gas solution for you.

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