BEER NUTS Brand Snacks

BEER NUTS® Brand Snacks is a third-generation family-owned snack company in Bloomington, Illinois. Operating out of a 100,000 sq. ft. facility, they produce 18 products that are sold in 50 states and numerous countries. At the helm of the company is Andy Shirk. As the President, Andy juggles multiple responsibilities and is involved in everything from new product development to sales and marketing. Thus, his time and attention are split between multiple duties, and he does not have a lot of time to devote to keeping track of the energy market. Andy’s expertise is in running his business and finance. Therefore, BEER NUTS works closely with Vanguard Energy Services to manage their energy needs and budget.

The Challenge

  • BEER NUTS was looking for green credits, and a longer contract with fixed pricing.
  • Pricing stability and predictability to help manage their budget.
  • Having current and relevant energy market information to make informed decisions.
  • Access to reports to share internally and for the budget model.

The Results

  • Energy budget predictability & stability: Vanguard Energy Services provided BEER NUTS with long-term energy contracts at a competitive price. Since energy costs are a significant component of BEER NUTS operations, the rate that BEER NUTS receives provides a competitive advantage over competitors by locking in at a lower cost. In addition, having long-term contracts also allows BEER NUTS to enjoy budget predictability and stability needed for budgeting purposes. Vanguard provides market and use reports with regular communications that help BEER NUTS’ management make informed decisions.
  • Environmental sustainability: Vanguard provided BEER NUTS the green credits they were seeking, and Vanguard continues to provide opportunities around environmentally sustainable alternatives that BEER NUTS can pursue in the future.
  • Holistic approach: Vanguard’s holistic business approach to the relationship is beyond transactional. In addition to the professional energy advice, regular communication, great customer service, and an energy expert who is available any time, Vanguard is assisting BEER NUTS to achieve their goals not just through energy, but also by introducing potential strategic partners.
  • Long-term partnership: Vanguard’s deep understanding of what drives BEER NUTS business decisions, coupled with superior customer service and professional advice, makes for a great partnership. Vanguard and BEER NUTS have enjoyed their relationship for nearly 13 years, and Vanguard consistently provides competitive pricing and superior service.

The partnership with BEER NUTS demonstrates Vanguard Energy Services’ approach to our customers. Seeing each customer as a long-term partner, our account managers take the time to understand the business needs and goals of our customers. We approach our partnerships holistically and try to provide value through competitive energy prices, green alternatives, and relationships.

Working with Vanguard Energy is like having an internal energy expert.”

Andy Shirk

President, BEER NUTS® Brand Snacks

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