RCM Industries, Inc.

RCM Industries, Inc. is an aluminum die casting company that supports the automotive and other industries. As the Vice President of Administration, Scott Torphy oversees several responsibilities such as procuring commodities and energy, negotiating labor contracts, purchasing employee benefits, and more.


RCM needed to develop a strategy to mitigate and manage energy market risks. Their previous energy broker did not fully understand their needs. Additionally, Scott Torphy has multiple important responsibilities and cannot devote 100% of his time to stay on top of the energy market.


  • Mitigate Risks: It is essential for manufacturers like RCM to mitigate and manage energy risks. With the energy market constantly changing, it is necessary to conduct continuous market research to address various challenges and adapt to different situations. RCM’s partnership with Vanguard is critical in staying on top of the energy market, leveraging Vanguard’s expertise and constant market monitoring. Vanguard provides regular market updates to assist RCM Industries in adjusting their energy strategy, if required, allowing Scott Torphy to focus on other aspects of their business.
  • Energy Market Expertise & Effective Strategy: Vanguard understands what RCM wants and needs and presents them in a format that helps Scott Torphy understand and communicate their energy needs and strategy to his team and management. Vanguard’s energy managers and management have decades of experience in the energy industry. By working with Vanguard, RCM Industries can tap into that expertise that helps them develop and implement their energy strategy. Vanguard also helps RCM navigate and understand utility fees and other confusing charges, as well as cost-saving programs.
  • Consistency: RCM Industries has been working with the same team since they started working with Vanguard Energy Services, thus providing the consistency, and preventing frustrations associated with staff turnovers. Their account manager is also always available.


The partnership between RCM Industries and Vanguard demonstrates the importance of an energy provider that understands your business. By understanding your business goals and needs, Vanguard provides regular market updates and advice to help you develop and implement a strategy to reach your energy goals.

I think it’s understanding what our needs are first and foremost. I’ve had brokers in the past that think they know what we want, and I know that they didn’t get it. Vanguard gets what I want, and they put it in the format that helps me understand it and helps me communicate with my executive team.”

Scott Torphy,

Vice President of Administration, RCM Industries, Inc.

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